Lego display project: Gold Mine – update

The Lego Gold Mine display is coming along rather nicely. During the last couple of days I have been able to work on the MILS modules that support the terrain, and even build out some more terrain. The biggest change is the addition of LED lighting for the vehicles. As pictures will not show off the LEDs correctly, here is a short video of what I have come up with so far… ignore the nest of wires, these will be hidden by the terrain later on. The use of the green LEDs is inspired by a working Gold Mine near my home.

Lego display project: Gold Mine – update

Thanks to the Blizzard of 2019, I was able to find sets, build sets, and start on the terrain  for my latest Lego display of a modern Gold Mine…   well between power outages that is!  The two pictures below show the total width  and depth of the planned Gold Mine display, along with many of the vehicles to be incorporated.   Over the next few days I plan to work mostly on the terrain features.

Lego display project: Gold Mine – update

Did a little more building for the new display, mostly spent time finding and building sets I plan to use in the Goldmine display.   Now that I have a couple of the sets available, I will be able to work out some of the equipment placement.   From there I can build up the terrain.   The plan for this portion of the display will incorporate an entrance to a underground mine exposed by “open pit” mining.


New Lego display project.

I have officially started my next display project, this one will be a bit different than what I have done in the past.    The project will be a model of a mining operation, and the largest display of it’s kind from anything I have built in the past.  The base of the display will comprise of MILS modules to keep everything connected while allowing me to connect with my existing City display.

The picture below shows the start of constructions, and only shows 1/2 of the space this new display will occupy once it is complete.   In the end this will be about 30 to 40 inches deep and 80 inches wide.   Stay tuned for updates  🙂