A Lego Technic stand for RasPad.

Late last year I purchased a “Raspad” to extend what I was doing with my various Raspberry Pi based projects.  One of the problems I have with the “Raspad“, is the viewing angle as it lays flat on desk.   After reading a few posts by other folks I found I was not the only person a little vexed by this.   Many of them went out and purchased a tablet stand as a solution, however I decided why spend $10 or $12 bucks for one.

Instead I built my own using parts from one of my other hobbies.   Using parts from my Lego Technic inventory, I designed and built very usable tablet stand, or in my case “Raspad” stand.

I have been using the stand for about a month before publishing this post, and I am pretty happy with the results.   The design is very stable, and the Raspad has yet to slip off the stand.   It even works with other 9″ and 10″ tables I have.

Hello (again) world!

I have moved my WordPress blog, as I decided that the high cost of hosting was to much.   Most of the old content has been moved over already.  Sadly the old blog theme was retired years ago, so the whole site is under going some rework for a bit.

I am now hosting the site on a “Raspberry PI 3” which believe it or not is a mere $30 single board computer I picked up over at Amazon.    A quick note of thanks to the author of the website Pi My Life Up,  as I was able to install the web server and WordPress software using his tutorials…. despite my best efforts to screw up the project.