What's LEGO Going to Cost You? (Summer 2017 Edition – Part I)

Posted on June 1, 2017 Standard

I opened my mailbox a couple of days ago (my actual mailbox, not my email) and was delighted to find the latest LEGO catalogue. Since then, I have spent some time scouring its pages, and putting together my analysis of trends in the catalogue. I like to do this to get an idea of the current average cost of LEGO, which helps with my set reviews. Having done this now with the past few catalogues, I am also starting to see overall trends in LEGO pricing. Before I delve into the review, I will point out that this analysis has been completed with the Canadian Summer 2017 LEGO Catalogue, which will be different from that seen in other countries. All prices are, naturally, in Canadian dollars. Now, without further delay, here is what I am seeing!

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